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EuroMED 2008


Euromed 2008 conference - Desalination Cooperation among Mediterranean Countries of Europe and the MENA Region

On November 9–13, 2008 kernenergien will present, together with INVEN and the DLR a study called "Integrated solar power, water and chill production: SOLWATER" on the EuroMED Confrence 2008 in Dead See, Jordan.

The three speakers currently work together on the international project MED-CSD scheduled to identify suitable sites for concentrating solar power and desalination pilot plants in the mediterranean region.

The focus of the conference lies on the possibility of producing water by desalination for the region in a sustainable manner and at a cost that people can afford.

Around the Mediterranean there is a growing awareness of increasing demand for water while the natural supply is increasingly limited. The situation of the southern countries is dramatically more serious with rapidly increasing populations and much lower rainfall. Different techniques can be used to supplement natural water. Desalination technologies can make potable the brackish and sea water which are available in these regions.

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