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German industry giant MAN sees bright future for solar energy in the Middle East


MAN sets up Solar Millennium regional headquarters in Dubai as part of Middle East expansion initiative.

MAN Solar Millennium, a joint venture between MAN Ferrostaal AG and German based Solar Millennium AG, is setting its sights on developing solar thermal power plants across the Middle East in anticipation of bright prospects in the regional solar energy sector.


Globally considered an industry pioneer and leader, MAN Solar Millennium forecasts ‘The Middle East will be a key player for the solar energy market in the foreseeable future’.

While MAN Middle East, with a turnover of more than one billion Euros, has already established a powerful position in the Arab market, MAN Solar Millennium is becoming a strong supporter for the company’s business. As a specialist in solar technology products and services across the world, MAN Solar Millennium has been highly involved in developing this sector in the Middle East. The launch of its subsidiary office in Dubai supports the company’s plans to develop innovative power plants for a sustainable energy structure in the United Arab Emirates and other regional markets. Tom Koopmann, General Manager of MAN Solar Millennium Middle East states: ‘With the MAN Solar Millennium office fully operational in Dubai, our company is now able to better serve the sales and service requirements of our clients in 16 countries across the region. As a next step, we want to leverage this position and our good relations to the industry to expand our business in the field of solar thermal power stations.’

Newspaper reports show that the United Arab Emirates are paying close attention to solar technologies, with Abu Dhabi seeking to play a major role in the move towards an environment-friendly economy. New government initiatives have been set out to drive the development of innovation in energy, technology and sustainable recourses. As an expert in this industry and one of the leading companies involved in project development, financing and the construction of environment-friendly power plants that cover an output range from 20 to 250 megawatt, MAN Solar Millennium is in the favorable position to support these kinds of initiatives.

MAN Solar Millennium will have its first regional public appearance at the World Future Energy Summit Exhibition in Abu Dhabi from January 21 to 23, 2008.

Source: AMEinfo