kernenergien | solar sutainable strategy

Hannover Messe 2008 - Kompetenzzentrum Solar Gigawatt


The displays will be supported by a series of lectures, to be held on 23 and 24 April. The lectures are organized by Deutsche Messe in association with the Club of Rome, the Jülich Solar Institute and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and will feature in-depth discussion on both the technical and political prerequisites for successful solar thermal energy projects.

In regions with high levels of solar radiation, solar thermal power plants are a commercially attractive option for generating large volumes of CO2-free energy. Recent studies commissioned by Germany’s government indicate that the country will in future increase the solar share of its energy mix, mainly via electricity imports from Southern Europe and North Africa. Solar thermal power plants use turbines to transform solar thermal energy into electrical energy. The technology thus comprises elements of both solar thermal and conventional power station technology. The market leaders in solar thermal power plant construction will be using the “Solar Gigawatt” special display to showcase their products and services, including proven, reliable technologies with enormous potential for electric generation. The exhibits include parabolic trough collectors, solar power towers, dish-Stirling systems (with parabolic reflectors) and Fresnel reflector systems. “Solar Gigawatt” profiles the entire solar thermal power plant production chain, including all key components.

kernenergien | the solar power company will present on Wednesday, 23.04.2008 a presentation “Combined Heat, Power, Desalination and District Cooling with CSP” halten. Jürgen Kern will moderate the final “Strategy Panel” with several participants of politics, finance and industry.