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MED-CSD Project - Kick-Off-Meeting, Paris


MED CSD - Combined solar power and desalination plants – technico-economic potential in Mediterranean Partner countries.

13 partners from 9 different countries met on 5th and 6th June in Paris for the Kick Off meeting of the MED CSD project, a project co-funded by the DG-Research of the European Union.

The meeting was the occasion for all partners to meet personally, to present each one, to describe the projects work packages and deliverables, as well as a time schedule of the next two years.

The European Commission was represented by Rolf Öström, scientific officer of the DG- Research.

The MED CSD project is a cooperation between governmental institutions and private companies specialised in the field of renewable energies, water de-salination and engineering.

The consortium is led by the Observatoire Méditerranéen de l'Energie (OME) a non-profit oriented organisation whose main objective is to pro-mote the co-operation between the major energy companies operating in the Mediterranean basin. The consortium comprises the EDF in France, the DLR, INVEN and KERN-ENERGIEN from Germany, the TECHINT from Italy, the CREDEG from Algeria, the CDER and the ONEP from Morocco, the NREA from Egypt, the NERC from Jordan, the PEC from PNA and the MEKOROT from Israel.

One main objective of the project is to carry out feasibility studies of power plants combining Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology with seawater desalination in the Mediterranean region. One further objective is to make a technology review and a selection of concentrated solar power and desalination configurations adapted for ap-plication in the Mediterranean partner countries. [more](/projects_med csd)